The Boys

Meet Philipp, Johannes, Martin and Kaspar.

One night in the fall of 2005 the boys met each other as freshmen at a party. They got to know each other and decided to get the party going getting creative on the instrument of which they all held one exemplar in their hands: the beer bottle.

They started improvising tunes and a crowd quickly gathered. Over the follwing years, the boys took their bottles to the streets, busking in Denmark and abroad, participated in talent shows on TV, and started sharing videos of their cover numbers on YouTube.

Today the Bottle Boys release a video every month on Bottle Monday – the last Monday of the month. They have covered pop songs like “Party Rock Anthem”, “Call Me Maybe”, and “Gangnam Style” and have made mashups of Hip Hop classics, movie themes and themes from video games!

Their inventive and creative music style has earned them a huge international fanbase, and their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” is a hit online, amassing millions of views.

Now, 10 years, millions of YouTube views, hundreds of shows in over 25 countries and dozens of TV-appearances later, the Bottle Boys have become a global phenomenon and together they continue to rock the party.

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