"The King of Pop like you've never heard him before"

"If you're cleaning up from your big weekend party,
I found the perfect thing for you to do with your beer bottles."

"Party Rock is in the bottle tonight."

"Bottoms up: Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" performed on beer bottles
is the toast of the Internet."


The boys about their latest video

"We have been getting a lot of song requests and we must say, that a lot of the songs are really great and well suited for bottles!! For this video we chose Viva la Vida by Coldplay, which is one of our favorite songs. The chords sound really nice on bottles, and we chose to loop the chords together with the kick drum (the water cooler tank) so that we could play together with this and honour the song by making it sounding a bit more epic than our usual videos :-D

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Their first single is out!


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