Bottle Boys

Meet the Bottle Boys

"The King of Pop like you've never heard him before"

"If you're cleaning up from your big weekend party,
I found the perfect thing for you to do with your beer bottles."

"Party Rock is in the bottle tonight."

"Bottoms up: Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" performed on beer bottles
is the toast of the Internet."


The boys about their latest video

"Since we got so many great reactions to our Lion King video, we’ve decided to make a remix medley of some more Disney themes. We are very proud to feature Denmark’s best beatboxer on this one. Thor has won the Danish Beatbox Championship twice and won "Denmark’s Got Talent" this year. He just lifts this whole thing to a whole ‘nother level! So enjoy his skills and be sure to follow him.
For each of the songs we’re playing we’ve chosen a different musical style - turning the songs upside down.Hope you like it as much as we do!" Read more

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Their first single is out!


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